OrderAbout Second Chance Greyhounds

Second Chance Greyhounds: Inmates & Greyhounds Prison
Partnership program is a new and unique Greyhound adoption
program having just begun operations in January of 2009. Our
first year resulted in the adoption of 60 Greyhounds. We
anticipate that number to grow to 100 in 2010. Trained former
racing Greyhounds are in such demand that most are adopted
before they ever graduate from the program.

Our program focuses on utilizing prison inmates to foster and
train our Greyhounds over the course of nine weeks. The dogs
learn to sit, stay, drop, come, recall, down, etc. during that time
period. Once the training is complete, they then qualify to pass
the Canine Good Citizen test provided by AKC.

The inmates provide foster care and training on a 24/7 basis.
It is an opportunity for inmates to give back to the community
while alleviating boredom and tension in prison, resulting in a
safer environment for both staff and inmates.

The training and socialization program also increases retention
of Greyhounds in their new adoptive homes, and allows many
inmates, for the first time, to experience unconditional love.

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